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My guidance gives a view of 2012

On July 26 2010 I asked my guidance what will happen in 2012. This is the answer:

In the human realm of time and space there is a 2012 and it is given much power by a growing belief system around it’s importance. As the consciousness of humanity continues to evolve many painful struggles are acted out and many learnings and letting go’s must happen. Just as in your own lives you find it often takes dramatic change with accompanying pain to bring you to another step. This is also true on a race level and a global level. There have been many evolutionary struggles in the history of man. 2012 is significant because it represents an important cosmological time in terms of astronomy. This means significant forces will be experienced on the planet. This is already seen in terms of hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and shifting of the magnetic poles. Remember, though, that this is all the out-picturing of consciousness, it is not an arbitrary or random event. It is very possible that no one knew that the Mayan calendar ended in 2012 two thousand years ago. Why has it suddenly emerged as such an important item? Humans are always projecting their fears onto the physical world. So the significance of 2012 is really the painful birthing of a new stage of human evolution. When one sees the end of a stage coming, it is natural to feel fear, anxiety and resistance. Just as Michael felt when his time as Music Director was coming to an end, or when his marriage ended. These events seems random and chaotic, without meaning, until you are well through them. This is what is happening with the human consciousness. There is much fear and anxiety about letting go of old systems of belief and moving on to another one.