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Conscious Co-creation



This is the home of my project to facilitate the use of our co-creative abilities in this time of quickening. This project was inspired by the events in Japan, and my realization that the only solution to the apparent destructive events in the world was to return to the truth within myself, to take full responsibility for my experience, and to know powerfully within me that everything is unfolding perfectly. There is strong evidence from ancient texts and prophecies that this time in our universe is a time where it becomes more and more possible for human beings to assume their role as powerful co-creators of the world. We don’t have to passively watch events unfold when we can become pro-active and hold a vision for a world that we love to live in.

The main focus for this project at this time will be to webcast a live guided meditation every day to facilitate a deeper awareness of the truth that we are powerful co-creators of our world, and to inspire a new vision of possibility for our lives and those of everyone else. These meditations will be lead by myself while I am connected to a deeper awareness within me (see Opening and Allowing for the full story of this process). This is a process I have been using for some time to lead guided meditations and they have a powerful ability to guide the participant into a deep state of surrender, where they can experience the truth of themselves and the world, and free themselves of old beliefs and habits that limit access to their deepest love, power and creativity.

Next Guided Meditation

Since we have moved to Hawaii I have not had a reliable connection for broadcasting. I believe I have resolved the issues now and hope to start broadcasting in the next month. The meditations will continue soon!